Reckless Miles

“I love being naked. Naked is awesome.” ~Cooper Miles

For Cooper Miles, life used to be an endless party. He worked hard and played harder—as often as possible. But things change—people change—and lately the party life isn’t doing it for him.

Enter Amelia Hale. Cooper doesn’t see her coming. But it isn’t every day you meet a girl in a wedding dress in a bar. A girl whose life just took a sharp left turn she wasn’t expecting.

Kissing her is totally no big deal. She’s had one hell of a day and a little kissing lesson by Cooper is bound to make her feel better. The invitation back to her hotel, however… that, he wasn’t expecting.

Saying yes to her is reckless. Not because he’s a stranger to a one-night stand. And not because she’s in a wedding dress, and the words this is my first time cross her lips.

It’s reckless because she makes him feel things he’s never felt before—big things. Nothing scares Cooper Miles. But this girl? She might be magic, and he has no idea what to do with that.

Author’s note: Cooper Miles. He’s sexy, hilarious, and deeper than you think. This former playboy has a heart as big as his personality, and when he finally falls in love, he falls HARD.

The Miles Family series is best enjoyed in order.

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