Always Ever After

Braxton and Kylie have been married for over a year, and Kylie is busy helping Selene get ready for her upcoming wedding. Kylie and Selene go out of town for a bachelorette party weekend, and Kylie gets a little—or maybe it’s a big—surprise.

But springing the news on Braxton is harder than Kylie thought. In the week leading up to Selene and Ronan’s wedding, Ky and Brax both have things to share, and life as they know it is about to change forever.

This is a short follow-up story of about 16,000 words, and takes place after the books ALWAYS HAVE and ALWAYS WILL. It contains spoilers, as well as the couples, from both books. It’s highly recommended you read ALWAYS HAVE and ALWAYS WILL before reading ALWAYS EVER AFTER. And true to any CK story, it contains mature language and content. In other words, our dirty talking alpha-man Brax is back.

Note: Always Ever After is included in the paperback and audio editions of Always Will. Always Ever After is not available in paperback or audio independently.