Each of my book series can be read and enjoyed independently.
If you have questions about how each series may or may not relate to each other, click here.

Reading Order by publication date:

Behind His Eyes (Ryan & Nicole)
One Crazy Week (Jackson & Melissa)
Messy Perfect Love (Cody & Clover)
Operation Get Her Back (Hunter & Emma)
Weekend Fling (Finn & Juliet)
Good Girl Next Door (Lucas & Becca)
The Path To You (Gabriel & Sadie)

Always Have (Braxton & Kylie)
Always Will (Ronan & Selene)
Always Ever After (Braxton & Kylie)

Book Boyfriend (Alex & Mia)
Cocky Roommate (Weston & Kendra)
Hot Single Dad (Caleb & Linnea)
Her Best Friend (Charlotte & Noah)

His Heart (Sebastian & Brooke)

Finding Ivy (William & Ivy)

Whiskey Chaser (Devlin & Scarlett)
Sidecar Crush (Jameson & Leah Mae)
Moonshine Kiss (Bowie & Cassidy)
Bourbon Bliss (George & June)
Gin Fling (Jonah & Shelby)
Highball Rush (Gibson & I can’t tell you)

Dating Disasters (Everly, Hazel & Nora)
Faking Ms. Right (Shepherd & Everly)
Falling For My Enemy (Corban & Hazel)
Marrying Mr. Wrong (Cox & Sophie)
Flirting With Forever (Dex & Nora)

The Price of Scandal -by Lucy Score- (Derek & Emily)
The Mogul and the Muscle -by Claire Kingsley- (Jude & Cameron)
Wild Open Hearts -by Kathryn Nolan- (Beck & Luna)
Crazy for Loving You -by Pippa Grant- (West & Daisy)

Broken Miles (Roland & Zoe)
Forbidden Miles (Chase & Brynn)
Reckless Miles (Cooper & Amelia)
Hidden Miles (Leo & Hannah)
Gaining Miles (Ben & Shannon)

Protecting You (Asher & Grace)
Fighting For Us (Asher & Grace)
Unraveling Him (Evan & Fiona)
Rushing In (Gavin & Skylar)
Chasing Her Fire (Logan & Cara)
Rewriting the Stars (Levi & Annika)

How the Grump Saved Christmas (Elias & Isabelle)

Obsession Falls (Josiah & Audrey)
Storms and Secrets (Zachary & Marigold)
Temptation Trails

Series Connections and Shared Worlds:


Jetty Beach Series

The Jetty Beach series are interconnected stand-alones. Previous couples appear in later books as side characters but they can be read in any order. There are Easter eggs and cameos from the Jetty Beach series in other CK books but this series can be read on its own. Enjoy your stay in Jetty Beach!

The Miles Family

This small-town family series is meant to be read in order, so definitely start with book one, Broken Miles, and enjoy all the way to Gaining Miles. Once you’re done, the Miles Family leads right into the Bailey Brothers.

The Bailey Brothers

Another small-town family to love! This series is also meant to be read in order and takes place after the Miles Family series. You don’t have to read the Miles Family before you start the Bailey Brothers, but there are connections between some characters and a few Miles Family cameos. The first heroine in the Bailey Brothers is a Miles! Either way, start with book one, Protecting You, and enjoy all the way to Rewriting the Stars.

How the Grump Saved Christmas

How the Grump Saved Christmas is a stand-alone holiday romance. It takes place in Tilikum, home of the Bailey Brothers, and the timeline overlaps with Rewriting the Stars, Bailey Brothers book six. You can read it before or after the Bailey Brothers—either way works!

The Haven Brothers

A spin-off from the Bailey Brothers, this series takes place about six years after the Bailey Brothers ends. It’s time for the rival family, the Havens, and their stories! It’s small-town romantic suspense with CK’s signature humor, endearing characters, and heartwarming happily ever afters. The Haven Brothers can be read as interconnected stand-alones.

Bootleg Springs

This collaborative series written by CK and Lucy Score isn’t connected to any other series by either author (although there’s an Easter egg or two from other CK and Lucy books). This series is meant to be read in order (seriously, do yourself a favor and read them as they were meant to be enjoyed), so definitely start with book one, Whiskey Chaser and enjoy all the way to Highball Rush.

Hot Romantic Comedies

The Book Boyfriends Series

These are interconnected stand-alones. The previous couples appear in the later books as side characters, but the books can be read in any order.

Dirty Martini Running Club

More hot romcoms! These are also interconnected stand-alones, centered around a group of female friends. The previous couples show up in later books, but they can be read in any order. There are a couple of Easter eggs and cameos from the Book Boyfriends series, but you don’t have to read that series first (unless you want to!)

Bluewater Billionaires

This is a collaborative series of interconnected stand-alones; each book can be read on its own, or you can read them in order for the full experience. Each book was written by a different author (Lucy Score, Claire Kingsley, Kathryn Nolan, and Pippa Grant) and all four books are in the same shared world. CK’s book is The Mogul and the Muscle. And did we mention, the heroines are best friends and they’re the billionaires? Yeah, baby.

Contemporary Romance

Always Series

Always Have and Always Will are interconnected stand-alones. The first couple appear as side characters in the second book. The third book (Always Ever After) is a novella and is written from the point of view of the first couple and gives a glimpse into the happily ever afters of both couples.

His Heart

This book is about as stand-alone as a CK book gets!

Finding Ivy

Also a stand-alone. The couple in this book have a little cameo in Falling for My Enemy, part of the Dirty Martini Running Club series. But this book can be read all on its own.

For more about CK Easter eggs and cameos, click here!