content warnings
  • NOT a love triangle
  • This book contains references to sex trafficking

Storms and Secrets

Book 2 in the Haven Brothers series

He’s always loved her. Now he’ll fight to save her.

Zachary Haven is living a lie.

He’s stuck in a rut, pretending to hate the woman he’s always loved. He didn’t mean for things to turn out that way. But sometimes life gets out of control, especially when you’re young and stupid.

Not that he ever had a chance with her. She’s gorgeous and smart, talented and kind. And Zachary? He can’t seem to keep himself out of trouble.

Marigold Martin just met the man of her dreams.

Blowing into her life like a storm, he sweeps her off her feet. She can’t help but wonder if he’s the one. He’s a dream in a bespoke suit—and he says he wants her heart.

But nothing is as it seems.

A brush with death wakes Zachary up to the reality of his life. And his feelings for Marigold. He’s determined to make her his—convince her they were always meant to be.

But secrets run deep, and Zachary fears the man who’s after Marigold could be more than a romantic rival.

He could be the devil himself.

And Zachary might be too late to save her.

Author’s Note: A troublemaker turned small-town hero risks everything for the love of his life. A soft-hearted heroine who finds her strength. An accidental body piercing, brotherly shenanigans, the Squirrel Protection Squad, and lots of big feels. This small-town romantic suspense will leave you breathless, with the romantic happily ever after you’ve been waiting for.