Cooper & Amelia’s First Christmas

Cooper & Amelia’s First Christmas

Rolling over, I slid my arm around Amelia’s waist and drew her closer. I was still half asleep, but aware enough to realize there was space between us. I wanted her close. 

 She sighed in her sleep, nestling her ass against my groin. I breathed her in, enjoying the smell of her hair, and tucked my body around hers. Now I could go back to sleep. Except…

 Holy shit. I’d almost forgotten what day it was. 

 Between the zing of excitement and my growing erection, I was suddenly wide awake.

 “Cookie,” I murmured into her ear. “Baby, wake up.”


 “It’s Christmas.”

 Gasping, she turned toward me. Her blond hair was messy-I’d say from sleeping, but mostly from me fucking the shit out of her last night-and her hazel eyes were bright.

 “What time is it?” she asked.

 “A little after six.”

 “Wow, I can’t believe I slept so late on Christmas morning.”

 I kissed her nose. “I know, me too.”

 It was our first Christmas together and mother nature had delivered. It had dumped a foot of snow last night, covering my family’s winery in a thick blanket of sparkling white. The sun wasn’t up yet, but the window glowed with reflected moonlight. And the twinkle lights she’d put up in the bedroom were fun and Christmassy.

 “We’re opening presents now, right?” I asked. “Not later?”

 “Of course now,” she said. “Why else do you wake up early on Christmas morning?”

 “Fuck, I love you.” I rolled her onto her back, pinning her arms above her head, and kissed her. 

 “Is that my present?” she asked, wiggling against my cock.

 “That’s your present every day. But I got you something for Christmas, too.”

 She smiled, nibbling her bottom lip. Tempting as it was to climb on top of her, morning sex was a lot better when we took care of basic human needs first. 

 “You go first,” I said, my eyes flicking toward the bathroom door. “I’ll meet you back here. But stay naked.”

 “Sounds good. But you stay naked, too.”

 “I’d always be naked if I could. Especially with you.”

 A few more kisses and I let her up. My bladder screamed at me, but my hard-on needed a little space from my girl so he’d calm the hell down before I could pee. While Amelia did her thing in the bathroom, I got her present from under the tree.

 One of them, at least. We’d do the big gift opening thing with my family later today. And really, my nephew Hudson was going to get most of the attention. Baby’s first Christmas and all that shit. But I had something for my Cookie that I wanted to give her in private.

 It wasn’t a ring. Not yet. Make no mistake, I was marrying that girl. But it was cool, I wasn’t in a rush. Hell, six months ago I’d thought I’d never get married. And the day we met, Amelia had been on the brink of marrying another guy. Thank fuck that assgoblin had been such a douchecanoe and left her at the altar. 

 Now, she was mine.

 We’d get to marriage and all that good stuff when the time was right. Amelia was definitely having my babies someday, even if she didn’t know it yet. We couldn’t let my awesome genetics go to waste. Hers too, for that matter. Our kids were going to be fucking adorable.

 When Amelia and I were both back in bed-still naked, of course-I handed her my gift. It was a rectangular box wrapped in shiny green paper with a sparkly silver bow. I’d been extra careful wrapping it. I wanted it to be perfect.

 She tested the weight and started to shake it.

 “Whoa,” I said, steadying the box. “Don’t shake it.”

 “Sorry. Is it breakable?”

 “Yeah. I packed it really well, but… still.”

 She set it down on the bed and tore open the wrapping. I picked up the bow and stuck it to the top of her head while she worked on opening the box. 

Inside was a bottle of red wine. Our wine, of course. She pushed the packing material aside so she could read the label. It was our new red blend, and we’d named it Cookie. 

 “Oh, Cooper,” she breathed. “Did you have this made for me?”

 “Yeah, but not just the one bottle,” I said. “Our red blend this year is sweet-really light and fruity. So I said we should name it Cookie, after the sweetest girl I know.”

 “The winery is going to sell this?” she asked.


 “But that means your mom must have…”

 “It means my mom thinks you’re the shit,” I said. “It’s fucking delicious, too. Just like you.”

 “I don’t know what to do with myself right now. This is so meaningful, and it means your mom must really like me, to agree to name one of her wines after me. I mean, I knew she liked me, but I just love your family so much and this makes me feel so many things that now I’m rambling and I can’t stop.”

 I put a finger to her lips, trying not to laugh. I wasn’t laughing at her. She was just so damn cute when she was flustered. 

 “Cookie, you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Of course my family loves you. It’s been hard as fuck to keep them all quiet about this.”

 “Thank you.” Her eyes glistened with tears and she nibbled her lip again. “This makes my gift seem really lame by comparison.”

 “That’s not possible,” I said. “If it’s from you, it’s awesome.”

 Her eyebrows drew together, and she scrunched up her nose. “I don’t know. I’ll still give it to you, but it’s not nearly as amazing as having a wine named after you.”

 I was half-expecting a new boyfriend t-shirt-maybe that one we’d seen in a store last month that said ‘My Girlfriend Has the Best Boyfriend Ever’. But unless she’d folded it weird to throw me off, the box wasn’t the right size or shape for a shirt.

 “Gimme,” I said with a grin, reaching for the small package wrapped in candy cane striped paper.

 I ripped it open and popped the tape on the box. 

 “Holy shit.”

 Inside, I found one of my favorite things ever-a dick costume. I had a growing collection of little outfits for my cock, and this one was-

 “It’s a Santa costume!”

 I pulled it out of the box and rubbed my shaft a few times to get myself harder. Amelia took over, wrapping her soft fingers around me, and stroked up and down a few times.

 She helped me fasten the red sleeve, complete with black buttons and white trim, around the shaft. Then she put the red Santa hat on the tip.

 I scrambled out of bed and went to stand in front of the mirror. 

 “Wyatt looks awesome as Santa,” I said, turning and jutting out my hips to get a view from another angle.

 Amelia leaned against me, giggling. “Is he still Wyatt when he’s Santa?”

 “Santa Cock, maybe?”

 “Yes! Santa Cock is perfect.” She traced her finger along my erection. “Are you sure you like it? Your present is so meaningful and this is just… kind of silly.”

 I turned toward her and cupped her face with my hands. “Are you kidding? This is fun. You know I love fun. And I already had the best present anyway.”

 She raised her eyebrows as I looked into her clear eyes.


 “You’re my favorite present, too,” she said.

 I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her against me. Santa Cock was getting squished between us, but neither of us cared. I captured her mouth with mine, sliding my tongue across the seam of her lips. 

 Her arms went around my neck as I kissed her deeply beneath the twinkle lights in the bedroom. She really was the best present ever. I hadn’t thought I was boyfriend-let alone husband-material. But it turned out I just needed the right woman in my life. And my Cookie was just that. Like my sister had once said, she spoke Cooper. And the really cool thing? I spoke Amelia, too. 

 We were perfect, and we had a lifetime of Christmases to look forward to together.