Rushing In

She’s the one girl he can’t have.

With his dimpled grin and devilish charm, firefighter Gavin Bailey is hot as a five-alarm fire and twice as dangerous. The youngest of five brothers, he’s the daredevil of the family. Until the unexpected strikes and he finds himself sidelined. 

Skylar Stanley’s life didn’t just fall apart. It exploded. Spectacularly. Dropped by her publisher and her agent, and dumped by her boyfriend, she suddenly has no place to live and a career circling the drain. She comes home to the quirky, feuding small town she hasn’t lived in since Kindergarten to pick up the pieces. And hopefully find her mojo. 

Gavin would happily help Skylar get her groove back—in and out of the bedroom—except for one big problem. Her dad is Gavin’s boss, mentor, and the closest thing he’s ever had to a father.

As much as Gavin loves racing headlong into danger, Skylar is a risk of a different kind. One that he’s determined to avoid. 

But the line between friends and lovers gets awfully blurry, and Gavin just might find the one thing that truly scares him.

Losing her. 

Author’s note: The wild child of the Bailey clan meets his match in a shy writer who’s braver than she thinks. A sexy, feel-good story with pranks and shenanigans, Bailey-style brotherly love, a rescue kitten, plus delightfully dirty fantasies come true and a happily ever after that will make your heart burst with sunshine and rainbows. 

Continue the series with the next book Chasing Her Fire.

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