The Jetty Beach series has a new look!

Seven paperbacks. Each displays one of the seven book covers for the Jetty Beach series. An open laptop screen next to a coffee mug and a vase with a single white flower, the laptop screen says "Claire Kingsley, The Jetty Beach Series Sale!".

The Jetty Beach series has a new look!

Big News! The Jetty Beach series just got a gorgeous new makeover, including new titles and beautiful new covers. This series is where it all started for me, and I’m so excited for the new look!

To celebrate, the first three books are on sale for just $0.99 each! (Sale ends 2/7/19)

This series is where it all began for me. These books are hot, sweet, and emotional small-town romances with super romantic HEAs. All seven of them have new titles and new covers (but the books themselves haven’t changed).

The Jetty Beach series are all stand-alones, but there are interconnecting characters. They’re ALL in KU, so if you want to binge read, here’s the order:

Behind His Eyes (formerly Must Be Love)
One Crazy Week (formerly Must Be Crazy)
Messy Perfect Love (formerly Must Be Fate)
Operation Get Her Back (formerly Must Be Home)
Weekend Fling (formerly Could Be Forever)
Good Girl Next Door (formerly Could Be the One)
The Path to You (formerly Could Be the Reason)