Gaining Miles is coming April 5th

Gaining Miles is coming April 5th

You asked for their story, and I’m thrilled to bring it to you. Ben and Shannon’s story is the cherry on top of the Miles Family series. And it ends with a bonus epilogue you won’t want to miss.

“Now there was nothing holding me back. I kissed her deeply, passionately. Kissed her for every time I’d wanted to and couldn’t. For every time I’d stared at her with longing in my heart, wishing we could be where we were now.”

It’s never too late.

Loving a woman you can’t have isn’t easy. I endured the slow torture of watching Shannon Miles live a life with another man—a man who didn’t deserve her—but I don’t regret a minute of it. And I have my reasons.

Now, she’s free. No longer shackled to a loveless marriage, bound to someone who was unfaithful and heartless.

But Shannon thinks her time has passed. That she won’t get another chance at love, especially not with the man who’s been there to see it all. The hurt. The mistakes. The heartache.

If only she knew. I love that woman with everything I am, and I want nothing more in this life than to spend every moment with her.

It’s time for our happily ever after.


You can preorder Gaining Miles and it releases on Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited on April 5th.