Bluewater Billionaires

Bluewater Billionaires

Genius. Mogul. Philanthropist. Heiress.
Don’t call her bossy. You can call her the boss.

As a romance reader, have you ever wondered why all the billionaires in romance novels are men? We did too! The idea for the Bluewater Billionaires came from four authors pondering this very question in a group chat. What if the heroines are the billionaires?

That simple “what if” question sparked our imaginations. And this fall, we’re bringing you four books with four lady billionaires. A genius CEO embroiled in a scandal and the corporate fixer sent to get her out of the mess. An aerospace mogul with a sudden need for a bodyguard and the big man who gets the job done. A wildly successful CEO and Instagram brand struggling to regain balance and the gruff, bearded animal lover she never saw coming. And a party-girl heiress struggling to prove herself and the retired Marine turned construction contractor thrust into unexpected responsibility alongside her.

Each Bluewater Billionaires novel is a shared-world stand-alone written by a different author. You’re going to want to read all four, trust me!

All four books are coming this fall, releasing approximately two weeks apart. You can add them to your Goodreads TBR now!

Lucy Score

Claire Kingsley

Kathryn Nolan

Pippa Grant