Get the Facts

The Miles Family series Quick Facts: complete five book series, each book features a different couple and ends with an HEA, best read in order, all available in kindle unlimited.

Get the Facts

I’ve had some questions recently about the Miles Family series, and the Bailey Brothers series. Hopefully these quick facts will help! First up, the Miles family. ⠀

This is a complete series, all available in Kindle Unlimited (and hopefully soon in audio!). Each book features a different couple, and includes an HEA. They are best read in order, however, since there’s a subplot that spans the series. If you’re wondering what all the fuss is about Cooper Miles, you’ll meet him here.


Now some quick facts about the Bailey Brothers series! This is my NEW family series, and the origin story novella and book one are coming in May. The first heroine, Grace, appears as a side character in the Miles Family series. You won’t have to read the Miles Family before the Bailey Brothers (but obviously you should read them anyway because the Miles Family series is awesome ?).