Bootleg Springs SALE

Bootleg Springs SALE

GUYS! THIS IS NOT A DRILL! The entire Bootleg Springs series is ON SALE RIGHT NOW!

I know! It’s crazy! The series has never been on sale before, and I don’t know when we’ll do this again.
Have you been to Bootleg Springs? It’s the moonshiniest, mysteryest, shenaniganiest, small-town romcom mystery series you’ll ever read! Sassy heroines (Scarlett Bodine takes first prize for sass and zest for life), sexy country boys, and a quirky town you’ll want to live in forever.

Grab the whole series now for just 0.99 each! That’s a steal!

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(P.S. Sorry to our friends in other countries, but this sale is US/UK only. It’s Amazon’s restriction on this type of promotion.)