Have you started the Bailey Brothers series yet?

If you haven’t, I have a super special deal for you! The first book, Protecting You, is only ninety-nine pennies EVERYWHERE! Fall in love with these five hot, unruly brothers and be there when it all begins in book one.

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Things to know about the Bailey Brothers series:
1. It’s best read in order. Start here with book one!
2. Asher and Grace’s epic love story begins in book one and concludes in book two, Fighting for Us.
3. The series also includes a quirky feuding town, a hundred-year-old mystery, thieving squirrels, some seriously hot sexytimes, a brilliant bro-cabulary, brotherly shenanigans, lots of big feels, and make-you-swoon happily ever afters.
Join us in our Bailey mania! You’re going to love it.