New covers and a sale!


New covers and a sale!

Did you see the new covers for the Dirty Martini Running Club series? I rolled them out on social media this week, you can see them now here on my website. I’m SO in love with the new look. They’re so cute and flirty and fun! A huge thank you to my cover designer, Lori Jackson, for bringing this design to life. She took my very vague ideas and turned them into the perfect look for these hot romantic comedies!

Speaking of hot romcoms and shiny new covers, let’s celebrate with a book deal!

To celebrate the brand new look for the Dirty Martini Running Club, all three books are on sale! Grab these hot romcoms for just ninety-nine cents each! Happy reading!

You can grab your copies here:

Don’t forget to grab your F R E E copy of the book that started it all!

Dating can be tricky, but how hard can it be to find the right guy? Or even just a normal guy?

For Everly Dalton, it’s a bit like trying to walk in stilettos—while drunk, blindfolded, and wearing the wrong size shoes. She hasn’t exactly been lucky in love. In fact, she just might be cursed.

A guy who only dates lookalikes of his ex? Pass. An alpha-male businessman who bolts in a moment of crisis? No thanks. A date that turns into the creepiest interview in the history of ever? Where does she find these guys?

Join Everly as she dishes to her friends about the surprising, unpredictable, and sometimes crazy adventure that is modern dating. Will she keep matching with frogs or find her Prince Charming?

Author’s note: This series of six bite-sized stories takes place before the full-length, stand-alone romcom, Faking Ms. Right.

Grab your copy on my website for zero pennies here. And while you’re there pick up the bonus epilogues for Faking Ms. Right, Falling for My Enemy, and Marrying Mr. Wrong!